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English News  No.5 , December 1997
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A day under the colorfol autumn trees in Takino Park ,Sapporo.
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Visitor's Impressions

by Oleg T. Bogomolov
(Institute for International Economic and Political Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences, COE- Foreign Visiting Fellow, SRC, 1997-98)
It was a real discovery for me. I knew that Sapporo had hosted the Winter Olympic Games, but I had no idea how big, beautiful, and friendly the city was. The invitation to spend several months at the Slavic Research Center of Hokkaido University provided me with the unique opportunity to get away from Moscow with its turbulent and hectic life and to enjoy creative work in splendid conditions. Research work and writing require quietness and inspiring surroundings. I got all of that by coming to Sapporo. I got much more: new unforgettable impressions, new friends, new knowledge. It was an unexpected present for me which I hope to deserve.
The gorgeous autumn weather and the brilliant colors of the trees do not allow anybody to remain indifferent. Compared with Moscow, Sapporo has a longer and more pleasant fall season. I was struck by the beauty and tidiness of Sapporo's parks and boulevards. What also distinguishes Sapporo from my city are the bicycles. One can only see a few of them on Moscow streets. But Japanese cities are full of bikes. Walking about in the town I do not fear cars speeding down the streets; Japanese drivers respect pedestrians. I am afraid of bicyclists rushing past me on the narrow sidewalks.
Acclimatization in the literal and figurative sense takes time before one feels at ease. Many times I was perplexed and confused not knowing how to buy bus or subway tickets or how to select the right groceries in stores. Different language, different style of life; but from the very beginning I have learned to appreciate the attentiveness and helpfulness of people around me.
There is a Russian proverb which says that time is given for deeds - hours for fun. I try to divide my time in this way. Hopefully my stay at the Slavic Research Center will be fruitful for both sides: myself and my hosts.

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