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English News  No.9 , December 2001
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Arrival of Professor Akihiro Iwashita

On October 1, Prof. Akihiro Iwashita joined the Slavic Research Center as a member of its full-time staff. Born in Kumamoto in 1962, Prof. Iwashita graduated from the Faculty of Law of Kyushu University in 1987 before continuing on to the graduate program offered by that university's School of Law. He joined Kyushu Universit's Faculty of Law as an assistant in April 1992 and moved to an associate professor position within the Faculty of International Studies at Yamaguchi Women's University (now Yamaguchi Prefectural University) in April 1994.

Prof. Iwashita has had a close relationship with the Slavic Research Center. He studied at the Center in 1995 and worked as a visiting researcher in 2000. He specializes in Russian diplomacy and international law. He earned his doctorate in 1995 from Kyushu University, submitting a dissertation entitled "A Study on the Theory of Soviet Foreign Relations. " The main body of this dissertation was later published under the title of "A Study on the Paradigm of Soviet Foreign Policy"(Kokusai Shoin, 1999). In the Slavic Research Center's Priority Research Project, Prof. Iwashita took on the Russia-China border issue as a member of the international relations research group. During that time he conducted first-hand, ground-level research in the border area, embracing the principal of "local research・"hampioned by the late Yutaka Akino, who was also a member of the same research group. More recently, Prof. Iwashita has been enthusiastically pushing forward CIS research encompassing the Central Asia region, and the Center looks forward to him undertaking a large-scale project to analyze Russian diplomacy from within the broad spectrum of Asian international relations.

By T. Hayashi

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