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English News  No.9 , December 2001
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From the Director
SRC Summer Symposium in 2001
Foreign Visiting Fellowship Program
Departure of Professor Shugo Minagawa
Arrival of Professor Akihiro Iwashita
Our Current Staff
Research Funded by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Science and Culture
Guest Lectures from Abroad
Visitors from Abroad
The Library
Essays by Foreign Fellows
Petr Pavlinek
Juha Janhunen
Nikolai Bolkhovitinov
Xing Guangcheng

Research Funded by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Science and Culture

Headed by Teruyuki Hara: "Nation, Church, and Society in Modern Russia: The Russian Orthodox Church and Its Missions" (1999-2002)

Headed by Tadayuki Hayashi: "Modernity and Nation in Eastern Europe and Central Eurasia"(2000-2004)

Headed by Osamu Ieda: "Structural Transformation of the Rural Economy in the CIS Countries and Eastern Europe"(1999-2002)

Headed by Koichi Inoue: "Quest for a Complete Picture of B. Pilsudski's Far-Eastern Indigenous Studies"(2000- 2003)

Headed by Akihiro Iwashita: "Sino-Russian Relations and North-East Asia in the Post Cold War Period: Diversification of Boundary Regional Cooperation"(2001-2002)

Headed by Kimitaka Matsuzato: "Regional/Subregional Politics in Post-Communist Countries"(1999-2002); "A Comprehensive Research of Contemporary Ukrainian Politics"(2000-2002)

Headed by Takashi Murakami: "Interdisciplinary Studies on Oil Spill Prevention in the Okhotsk Sea"(2001-2003)

Headed by Shinichiro Tabata: "Comprehensive Study on Integration of Russia into the World Economy"(2001-2005)

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