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English News  No.11 , December 2003
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The Library

The Library purchased part of the library of Prof. Gregory Grossman and part of that of the late Prof. NONOMURA Kazuo.  G. Grossman is a professor emeritus at UC Berkeley specializing in Soviet and Socialist economies.  His book "Economic systems" (1st ed. 1967, 2nd ed. 1974) was translated into Japanese in 1969.  The late Prof. Nonomura (1913-1998) was a professor at the Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University.  He also specialized in the Soviet economy.
            Materials from the library of Prof. Nonomura were acquired from 2000 to 2003 and the total volume is 1,175.  Among them, there were 912 volumes of Russian books and 37 Japanese books.  We have finished cataloging them and they will soon be incorporated into our Slavic Collection.  From the library of Prof. G. Grossman, we purchased 392 volumes of books chiefly written in English, some monograph series issues, periodical issues and related files.  The acquisition process and cataloging are ongoing now, and they will also soon be incorporated into the collection.

TONAI  Yuzuru

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