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English News  No.12 , December 2004
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The Library

The organization of Slavic Research Center Library has been significantly changed. From July 1st 2004, it has become a branch of the University Library. At the same time, a large portion of the work at the SRC library, such as acquisition, cataloging, and circulation have moved to the related sections in the University Library. Now the SRC Library is particularly engaged in selection and budget control, reference (the maintenance of the reference collection is included) and circulation of materials which did not move to the Central Library yet.

This was a result of long negotiation between the SRC and the University Library, which wanted to merge faculty libraries concerning humanities or social sciences, such as the Faculty of Law or Faculty of Economics, to enhance its personal resources and collection.

A large part of the materials collected by the SRC Library is concentrated in one place at the stack room of the University. Such an allocation system will be continued, at least for monographs and dissertations. At first, the SRC requested to organize a new section for Slavic materials in the university library, or reorganize the Northern Collection Room to extend its coverage to the Slavic materials, but such a proposal was not accepted. In the end, the University Library accepted to retain the SRC library, which will be kept as a service point of the University Library with no full-time administrative staff.

From this July, all newly acquired materials belong to the University Library, which is now responsible for storage and circulation of them, but they are temporarily located mainly in the SRC, because of the shortage of space at the University Library. We hope that our Slavic Collection will find a more suitable location in the University Library, serving more people, and that the new organization of the Library will help its development in the future.

TONAI Yuzuru

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