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English News  No.12 , December 2004
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The 21st Century COE Foreign Visitors Fellowship Program

As a part of the 21st Century COE Program "Making a Discipline of Slavic Eurasian Studies," the SRC introduced a new fellowship program. This program invites the specialists of Slavic Eurasian studies who have been engaged in the topics of the 21st Century Program (see and hope to stay at the SRC for from one to three months. This program requests the fellows to make a concrete contribution to the 21st Century Program in research activities and postgraduate education.

The second round of the fellowship is finishing. So far we have invited six fellows:

Tamara I. Hundorova
Position: Department Head, Institute of Literature, Ukrainian Academy of Sciences
Topics: Modern Ukrainian literature
Term of Stay: 20 January — 16 April 2004
Contributions: Seminar on Modern Ukrainian literature (March 16–18)

Stanislav Z. Lakoba
Position: Professor, The Abkhaz State University
Topics: The Abkhazian problem and international relations
Term of Stay: 22 January — 18 April 2004
Contributions: Publication of the selection "Abkaziia posle dvukh imperii" (Slavic Eurasian Studies, No.5); Paper at the international symposium (January 28–30); Talk at a seminar of the Hokkaido Society for Slavic Studies (April 12)

Yulia O. Novik
Position: Associate Professor, Kamchatka State Pedagogical
Topics: Ethnic minorities in the Russian Far East
Term of Stay: 12 February — 14 April 2004
Contributions: Talk at a seminar of the Hokkaido Society for Slavic Studies (April 12)

Leonid A. Taimasov
Position: Associate Professor, Chuvashi State University, Russia
Topics: Ethno-confessional history of the Volga-Ural Region
Term of Stay: 12 January — 8 February 2004
Contributions: Paper at the international symposium (January 28–30)

Andrei V. Grinev
Position: Professor, St Petersburg Trade Union University for Humanities, Russia
Topics: History of Alaska
Term of Stay: 2 September — 29 November 2004
Contributions: Seminar on Russian America (November 17–19); Paper at the annual congress of the Japanese Society for the Study of Russian History (October 22–24)

Nail' M. Mukhariamov
Position: Professor, Kazan Energy University, Russia
Topics: Tatarstan politics, Islam in the Volga Region
Term of Stay: 28 September — 22 October 2004
Contributions: Paper at the annual congress of the Japanese Society for the Russian and East European Studies (October 8–10)


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