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English News  No.8 , December 2000
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International Workshop on Agricultural
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International Workshop on Agricultural 
Transformation in the Post-Communist Countries

From left : Kopeva,Hejbowicz,interpreter,
Shmelev,Yoshino,and Reinsberg

An international workshop was held on "New Structure of Rural Economy in the Post-Communist Countries" on October 25-30th, 2000 at Lomnice nad Luznici in the Czech Republic. The workshop is a part of a three years research project headed by O. Ieda under the same title as that of the workshop, and the Czech colleagues at the Research Institute of Agricultural Economics, Prague, first of all, the director Tomas Doucha supported the preparing processes of the workshop. We appreciate their contribution here again. Thank you. The participants and the papers were following:
T. Doucha (Research Institute of Agricultural Economics, Prague, the Czech Republic) "Farm transformation and restructuring in the Czech agriculture after ten years"

G. Blaas (Research Institute of Agricultural Economics, Bratislava, Slovakia) "Agricultural reform in Slovakia: Changing institutions and structures"

 From left: G. Blaas and T. Doucha

K. Reinsberg (Institute for Agricultural Development in CEEC, Halle, Germany) "The transition in Eastern German agriculture, lessons to be learned for the EU-enlargement process"

D. Kopeva (Research Institute of Market Economy, Sofia, Bulgaria) "Aspects of land consolidation after the land reform in Bulgaria"

S. Hejbowicz (Vilnius College of Agriculture, Vilnius, Lithuania) "New structure of rural economy in Lithuania"

G. Shmelev (Institute of Economy, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia) "General processes and specificities of agrarian reform in the Central and Eastern Europe and CIS"

E. Yoshio (Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan) "Polarization process of Polish agriculture in the latter half of 1990s: Hobby farmer, week-end-farmer, Euro-farmer or euthanasia"

T. Hayashi (SRC, Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan) "Politics of the agricultural transformation in Czechoslovakia: 1990-1991"

R. Yamamura (SRC, Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan) "Socio-economic aspects of the post-socialist farming structures"

O. Ieda (SRC, Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan) "Rural cooperatives and members' liability in a historical perspective: Hungarian case"

* Participation by paper:
P. Juhasz (Budapest University of Economic Sciences, Budapest)

"The end of agricultural miracle and the property-reform in Hungary"

The proceedings will be published by the SRC in the near future. Any further information can be available at the organizer, Osamu Ieda (Email:

By O. Ieda.

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