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English News  No.8 , December 2000
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Publications (1999-2000)

K. Matsuzato, ed., Regions: A Prism to View the Slavic-Eurasian World, Proceedings of the July 1998 International Symposium at the SRC (Sapporo: SRC, 2000), 311 pp. In English.
Contents: K. Matsuzato, Preface; A.V. Postnikov, Outline of the History of Russian Cartography; N. Iakovenko, Early Modern Ukraine Between East and West: Projecturies of an Idea; T. Uyama , The Geography of Civilizations: A Spatial Analysis of the Kazakh Intelligentsia’s Activities, from the Mid-Nineteenth to the Early Twentieth Century; V.I. Shishkin, State Administration of Siberia from the End of the Nineteenth Through the First Third of the Twentieth Centuries; S.I. Ryzhenkov, The Golden Age of “Provincial Humanity” and Patterns of Regional Development; K. Matsuzato, Progressive North, Conservative South?: Reading the Regional Elite as a Key to Russian Electoral Puzzles; J.F. Young, The Republic of Sakha and Republic Building: The Neverendum of Federalization in Russia; M.D. Kennedy, The Spatial Articulation of Identity and Social Problems: Estonia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan Through Focus Groups; P. Rutland, Comparative Economics and the Study of Russia’s Regions; A. Ponomarenko, Gross Regional Product for Russian Regions: Compilation Methods and Preliminary Results; S. Rosefielde, Unlocking Northeast Asia’s Development Potential: The Russian Paradox; S. De Spiegeleire, Gulliver’s Threads: Russia’s Regions and the Rest of the World.

T. Murakami, S. Tabata, eds., Russian Regions: Economic Growth and Environment, Proceedings of the July 1999 International Symposium at the SRC (Sapporo: SRC, 2000), 428 pp. In English and Russian. 
Contents: PART 1: REGIONAL ECONOMIES P. Hanson , Understanding Regional Patterns of Economic Change in Post-Communist Russia; E. Gavrilenkov, Regional Peculiarities in Russia and Inter-regional Capital Flows; P. Rutland, The Regional Agenda in Alternative Plans for Russia’s Economic Development; M. Kuboniwa, A Note on the Recent Economic Situation of Advanced Regions in Russia; N. Arai and A. Belov, Characteristics of the Budget System of the Sakhalin Oblast in 1996-1998 (in Russian); V. Rudenko, Economic and Legal Responses to the Demands of Modernization in the Ural Region (in Russian with its abstract in English); V. Gimpelson and G. Monusova, Public Employment and Redistributive Politics in Russian Regions; S. Ohtsu, Characteristics of the Russian Regional Labour Market. PART 2: REGIONAL ENVIRONMENT T. Sawa, How to Design and Operate the Kyoto Mechanisms; T. Akaha and A. Vassilieva, Environmental Consciousness in Sakhalin: Background and Views on the Sakhalin Offshore Oil-Gas Development; G. Borovskoi, Popular Attitudes Towards Economic Reform in Sakhalin (in Russian); A. Nachetkina, Defense of the Primordial Habitat and Traditional Ways of Life for Small-in-Number Native Peoples of the North Sakhalin Oblast amidst the Development in the Continental Shelf (in Russian); E. Wilson, Conflict or Compromise? Traditional Natural Resource Use and Oil Exploitation in Northeastern Sakhalin/Noglikskii District; V. Kalashnikov, The Russian Far East and Northeast Asia: Aspects of Energy Demand and Supply Cooperation; H. Kitagawa, The Environmental Effects of Development in the Angaro-Yenisei Region; R. Steiner, Oil Spills: Lessons from Alaska for Sakhalin; A. Leonov, Oil and Gas Development on the Sakhalin Island Shelf: An Assessment of Changes in the Okhotsk Sea Ecosystem; Y. Satow, Physical Conditions of the Environment and the Resident Population of the Semipalatinsk Area; M. Nomura, Water Usage and the Feasibility of Water Fees Along the Lower Reaches of the Ili River: The Case of Bereke Village; B. Islamov, Doubling Freshwater Inflow is the Key to Curbing the Aral Sea Crisis. 

O. Ieda, ed., The Emerging Local Governments in Eastern Europe and Russia: Historical and Post-Communist Developments (Hiroshima: Keisuisha, 2000). In English.
Contents: O. Ieda, Introduction to the Emerging Local Governments in Eastern Europe and Russia; Chapter I. K. Matsuzato , Local Reforms in Ukraine 1990-1998: Elite and Institutions; Chapter II. M. Sengoku, Local Government and the State: Change and Continuity of the Local System in Poland; Chapter III. O. Ieda, Local Government in Hungary; Chapter IV. Y. Sato, The Local System of the Czech Republic; Chapter V. S. Nagayo, The System of Local Administration in Slovakia; Chapter VI. T. Nakajima, Local Government in Romania; Chapter VII. S. Ishida, Local Governments in Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro and Slovenia; Chapter VIII. Ch. Oba, Local Government in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia since 1995; Chapter IX. M. Kimura, An Analysis of Local Government in Bulgaria; Chapter X. K. Nagatsuna, The Foundation of Local Self-government in Post-Soviet Russia from Soviet-type to Mayorship-type Local Democracy.

K. Matsuzato, ed., The Modern Politics of Ukraine, Slavic Research Center Occasional Papers, No.68 (Sapporo: SRC, 2000), 65 pp. In Japanese. 
T. Mochizuki, ed., The Frontier in Studies of Postmodern Literature (1), Slavic Research Center Occasional Papers, No.70 (Sapporo: SRC, 2000), 145 pp. In Japanese. 
T. Murakami, ed., “Economic Development and the Environment” on the Sakhalin Offshore Oil and Gas Fields II, Slavic Research Center Occasional Papers, No.71 (Sapporo: SRC, 2000), 180 pp. In English and Russian. 
T. Murakami, ed., “Economic Development and the Environment” on the Sakhalin Offshore Oil and Gas Fields III, Slavic Research Center Occasional Papers, No.72 (Sapporo: SRC, 2000), 40 pp. In Japanese. 
T. Murakami, ed., “Economic Development and the Environment” on the Sakhalin Offshore Oil and Gas Fields IV, Slavic Research Center Occasional Papers, No.73 (Sapporo: SRC, 2000), 53 pp. In Japanese. 
K. Matsuzato, ed., Introduction to the Russian-Islamic World, Slavic Research Center Occasional Papers, No.74 (Sapporo: SRC, 2000), 71 pp. In Japanese. 
S. Tabata, ed., Inter-Regional Flows of Financial Resources in Russia (2), Slavic Research Center Occasional Papers, No.75 (Sapporo: SRC, 2000), 63 pp. In Japanese. 
Slavic Studies, No.47, 2000. Journal of the SRC. 398 pp. In Japanese. 
Acta Slavica Iaponica, Volume XVIII, 2000 will be published by January, 2001. 
M. Osuga, ed., Nominal List of Researchers in the Field of Slavic and East European Affairs (6th edition)(Sapporo: SRC, 2000), 233 pp. In Japanese.
Hiroshi Kimura, Distant Neibors, Japanese-Russian Relations Under Brezhnev and Andropov (volume 1), Japanese-Russian Relations Under Gorbachev and Yeltsin (volume 2) (NY: M.E. Sharpe, 2000). 

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