SRC Winter Symposium 1996
(January 30 - February 1, 1997)

Socio-Cultural Dimensions of the Changes in the Slavic-Eurasian World

In Japanese
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January 30 (Thursday)

9:30-10:30 Opening Session

1-1 (in English)

Nodari SIMONIA "The Lessons of the Chinese and South-Korean Reforms for Russia"

Chairperson: Shugo MINAGAWA
Discussant: Haruki WADA

10:45-11:45 Session 2

2-1 (in Japanese)

Konstantin SARKISSOV "New Russian Identity and Its Impact on Her Foreign Policy"

Chairperson: Nobuo SHIMOTOMAI
Discussant: Shinji YOKOTE

2-2 (in Russian)

Evgenii ANISIMOV "Genesis of Russia's Imperialistic Thinking (18-19 Centuries)"

Chairperson: Teruyuki HARA
Discussant: Takashi KIMURA

13:15-15:15 Session 3

3-1, Room 423 (in English)

Sergei ARUTIUNOV "Ethnicity and Conflict in Caucasus"

Seiichi KITAGAWA "Role of Historiography in the Abkhazo-Georgian Issue"

Chairperson: Stephen KOTKIN

Discussants: Tomohiko UYAMA, Junko NOSAKA

3-2, Room 328 (in Japanese)

Tomoyoshi ITO "Contract Law in Russia"

Koji HITACHI "Russian Business-To What Extent is it Governed by the Law? "

Chairperson: Rihito YAMAMURA
Discussants: Yoshiaki NISHIMURA, Taiichiro OE

15:30-17:30 Session 4

4-1, Room 423 (in Japanese)

Masahisa HIROOKA "Russian Orthodox Church in the 20th Century: Patriarch Tikhon and Alexi II"

Toshio MORISHITA "Russian Political Culture"

Chairperson: Fumio UDA
Discussants: Taiichiro OE, Shigeki HAKAMADA

4-2, Room 420 (in Japanese)

Shin'ichi TOKORO "Are School System and Educational View in Russia Changed?"

Takaaki SONODA "Systemic Changes and the State Curriculum"

Chairperson: Tetsuo MOCHIZUKI
Discussants: Hiroshi SASANUMA, Yukiko SAWANO

January 31 (Friday)

9:30-11:30 Session 5

5-1, Room 423 (in English)

Akihiro IWASHITA "The Russo-Chinese Relations in the Post-Cold War Period"

Nadezhda MIKHEEVA  "Foreign Trade of the Russian Far East with The People's Republic of China: Development and Problems"

Katherine BURNS "International Cooperation at the Local Level: Primor'e and Niigata in the Northeast Asia Context"

Chairperson: Takashi MURAKAMI
Discussant: Nodari SIMONIA

5-2, Room 328 (in Japanese)

Masanori SATO "Communism and Cosmism"

Takashi KUWANO "Rethinking the Russian Avant-Garde"

Chairperson: Hiroshi NISHINAKAMURA
Discussants: Shuichi SUGIURA, Ikuo KAMEYAMA

13:15-15:15 Session 6

6-1, Room 423 (in English)

Jan KAJA "Management Culture of Executive Attitudes before and after the Economic Reform in Poland"

Akihiro ISHIKAWA " The Pattern of Employees' Attitudes towards Their Working Life in Post-Socialist Russia"

Chairperson: Etsuo YOSHINO
Discussants: Hiroyuki WATANABE, Kiyoshi KASAHARA

6-2, Room 328 (in Japanese)

Mitsuyoshi NUMANO "America under Russian Eyes"

Hajime KAIZAWA "Psychoanalytic Studie of Russian Culture by I. Smirnov and A. Etkind"

Masami SUZUKI "The Art of Moscow Conceptualism"

Chairperson: Shinkichi USAMI
Discussants: Yuichi ISAHAYA, Masaharu URA

15:30-17:30 Session 7

7-1, Room 423 (in English)

Stephen KOTKIN "Defining Territories and Empires: from Mongol Ulus to Russian Siberia 1200-1800"

Antti KUJALA "The Russian Government and Finnish Question, 1905-1917"

Chairperson: Koichi INOUE
Discussants: Hiroshi MOMOSE, Takeshi KURYUZAWA

February 1 (Saturday)

9:30-11:30 Session 8

8-1, Room 423 (in Japanese) Round Table Discussion"Trade Relations among Enterprizes"

Keynote Speakers: Masahiko YOSHII, Ichiro IWASAKI, Shinichiro TABATA

Chairperson: Yoshiaki NISHIMURA
Discussants: Sadayoshi OTSU

8-2, Room 328 (in Japanese) Round Table Discussion "Local System and Social Culture in Eastern Europe"

Discussants: Manabu SENGOKU, Yukino SATO, Shinichi ISHIDA, Makoto KIMURA, Takafumi NAKAJIMA, Susumu NAGAYO, Chieko OBA
Chairperson: Osamu IEDA

Reference: Prof. Tetsuo MOCHIZUKI
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