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English News  No.10 , December 2002
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From the Director
SRC Summer Symposium in 2002
Foreign Visiting Fellowship Program
Our Current Staff
Ongoing Cooperative Research Projects
Guest Lectures from Abroad
Visitors from Abroad
Publications (2001-02)
The Library
Web Site Access Statistics
Essays by Foreign Fellows
Vladimir Buldakov
Sarah Paine
Panayot Karagyozov
Levon Abrahamian

Our Current Staff

Permanent Research Staff:
HARA Teruyuki : Professor of Russian and Soviet History

HAYASHI Tadayuki : Professor of International Relations, East European Politics, Political History of Czechoslovakia

IEDA Osamu : Professor of Economic History of Eastern Europe, Modern History of Hungary.Director of the Slavic Research Center

INOUE Koichi : Professor of Ethnology, North-Eurasian Studies

IWASHITA Akihiro : Associate Professor of Russian Foreign Policy, Sino-Russian Relations

MATSUZATO Kimitaka : Professor of Russian and Soviet History, Russian and Ukrainian Politics

MOCHIZUKI Tetsuo : Professor of Russian Literature

MURAKAMI Takashi : Professor of Economics (Russian Energy Policies, The Russian Far East, Japanese-Russian Economic Relations).

TABATA Shinichiro : Professor of Russian Economics and Statistics

UYAMA Tomohiko : Associate Professor of History and Politics of Central Asia

YAMAMURA Rihito : Professor of Comparative Economics, Russian Industry and Agriculture

Library and Information Services:
OSUGA Mika : Publications

TONAI Yuzuru : SRC head librarian

YAMASHITA Sachiko : Computer networks

Part-time Researcher:
MORI Kumi: Russian Literature

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