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English News  No.10 , December 2002
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The Library

Acquisition of Several Rare Materials by the University Library

The University Library purchased a small collection of Russia-related materials, financed specially by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.
The collection includes following items.
A large format atlas, chiefly consists of printed maps of every province of Russia, compiled from 1770’s to 1790’s.
A collection of 95 plates from «Открываемая Россия, или, Собрание одежд всех народов в Российской империи обретающихся», bound in 1 volume. These plates are also used for the German edition of the exploration report by Johann Gottlied Georgi «Beschreibung aller Nationen des Russischen Reiches...» published in St. Petersburg from 1776 to 1780.
2 editions of Sigmund von Herberstein’s famous and important work «Rerum Moscovitiarum Commentarii». The one is 2nd Latin edition, published in Basel, 1551, and the other is 4th German edition, published in Frankfurt, 1576.
Klaploth, Julius von. Reise in den Kaukasus und nach Georgien unternommen in den Jahren 1807 und 1808. 2 in 3 vols. (Halle ; Berlin, 1812-1814) .
The purchase was projected according to the recommendation of the SRC and we are sure that these materials will serve as an organic part of the Slavic collection at the University Library.

Library of Prof. G. Y. Shevelov

Prof. George Y. Shevelov died in April 12th in this year in New York. At the time of his passing, he was 93 years old and we would like to express our sincere grief over the sad news.
As we wrote earlier in this newsletter, his library is in the process of being transferred to the Library of the SRC. Now we would like to report that the final part of his library has already shipped to Japan. Dr. Theodore Kostiuk, the heir of the late professor and Prof. Miloslava Znayenko organized the last shipment. We are very grateful for their cooperation in accomplishing the agreement between the late professor and us. That part of his library is in the storehouse of our agent, and expected to be moved to the SRC Library in the next year.

By Tonai Y.

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