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English News  No.10 , December 2002
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Publications (2001-02)

IEDA Osamu, ed., Transformation and Diversification of Rural Societies in Eastern Europe and Russia, Proceedings of the July 2001 International Symposium at the SRC (Sapporo: SRC, 2002), 344 pp. In English.

Contents: Introduction; I. Gerasimov, A Little-Known Project of Public Modernization of Russian Countryside: The New Generation of Russian Intelligentsia and the New Peasantry, 1907-1917; H. Yoshida , Customary Law as a Reflection of the Legal Consciousness of the Russian Peasant; Z. Kalugina, Rural Transformation in Russia: Inconsistencies and Results; D. O’Brien & V. Patsiorkovski , Household Capital and Structural Change in Employment and Income in Rural Russia from 1991-1999; S. Kojima , Kondrat’ev’s View of Russian Agricultural Development: A Preliminary Note; R. Yamamura , A New Phase of Post-Socialist Structural Changes in Russian Agriculture; E. Yoshino , Polish Agriculture: Present and Future - Process of the Family Farm in Poland -; G. Blaas , Is the Completion of Agricultural Reforms in Central and Eastern European Countries Conditional on a Move to Family Farming?; O. Ieda , The Re-transformation of Cooperative Farming and Rural Society in Hungary: Dual Leadership of Integration in Agricultural Production; K. Kovacs , Agricultural Restructuring in Hungary and Its Social Impacts; T. Doucha , Agriculture and Rural Development in the Czech Republic; K. Frohberg & S. Abele , The Rural Economies in the EU-accession Countries: Do EU Agricultural and Structural Policies Need to Be Adjusted?

SAHARA Tetsuya, ed., Political Culture: From Nationalism to A Symbiotic Government (Sapporo: SRC, 2002), 206 pp. In Japanese.

HARA Teruyuki, ed., The Japanese-Soviet War and Problems of Internment of War Prisoners in the USSR [Советско-японская война и проблемы военнопленных в СССР], SRC Occasional Papers, No. 81 (Sapporo: SRC, 2002). In Japanese and Russian.

Nikolai Bolkhovitinov, Career and Activities of G.V. Vernadskii (1887-1973) and His Archive [Жизнь и деятельность Г.В. Вернадского (1887-1973) и его архив], SRC Occasional Papers, No. 82 (Sapporo: SRC, 2002). In Russian.

TABATA Shinichiro and IWASHITA Akihiro, eds., The Security Problems of the CIS, SRC Occasional Papers, No. 83 (Sapporo: SRC, 2002). In Japanese

NAKAMURA Yasushi, Manual for Making a Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) Model, SRC Occasional Papers, No. 84 (Sapporo: SRC, 2002). In Japanese.

XING Guangcheng, Russo-Chinese Relations in Central Asia [Русско-китайские отношения в Центральной Азии], SRC Occasional Papers, No. 85 (Sapporo: SRC, 2002). In Chinese and Russian.

TABATA Shinichiro and IWASHITA Akihiro, eds., Ten Years after the Collapse of the USSR, SRC Occasional Papers, No. 86 (Sapporo: SRC, 2002). In English and Russian.

KONNO Yugo, The Problems of Seating Russia in the WTO, SRC Occasional Papers, No. 87 (Sapporo: SRC, 2002). In Japanese.

Slavic Studies, No. 49, 2002. Referees Journal of the SRC. In Japanese.

Acta Slavica Iaponica, Volume XIX, 2002. Referees Journal of the SRC. In English and Russian.


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