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English News  No.10 , December 2002
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SRC Summer Symposium in 2002
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Vladimir Buldakov
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Panayot Karagyozov
Levon Abrahamian

Ongoing Cooperative Research Projects

(Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science)

Headed by IEDA Osamu: "Making of New Regions in Eastern Europe and Impact of EU Enlargement" (2002-2005)

Headed by MOCHIZUKI Tetsuo: "Comprehensive study on the space-time structure of contemporary Russian literature and Art" (2002-2005)

Headed by IWASHITA Akihiro: "Russo-Chinese Regional Cooperation and Northeast Asia in the Post-Cold War Period" (2001-2003)

Headed by MURAKAMI Takashi: "Interdisciplinary Studies on Oil Spill Prevention in the Okhotsk Sea" (2001-2003)

Headed by TABATA Shinichiro: "Comprehensive Study on Integration of Russia into the World Economy" (2001-2005)

Headed by HAYASHI Tadayuki: "Modern Age and Nations in Eastern Europe and Central Eurasia" (2000-2004)

Headed by INOUE Koichi: "Quest for An Entire Picture of B. Pilsudski's Far-Eastern Indigenous Studies" (2000-2003)

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