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English News  No.15 , December 2007
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The Library

Documents of the Plenums of the Central Committee CPSU, 1941-1990

The Library began to purchase microfilms of the documents of the Plenums of the Central Committee CPSU, 1941-1990. Original documents are located at RGANI (Russian State Archive of Contemporary History) in Moscow as fond 2, opis' 1, 3, and 5. The set consists of a hundred and eighty-one microfilm reels and six hundred and fifty-six sheets of microfiche, and the library now holds its first seventy-six reels.

Shimada Archives Deposited

Shimada Mototarô (島田元太郎1870-1945) was born in a small village in Nagasaki Prefecture. In his very young age, he moved to Vladivostok and then to Nikolaevsk-na-Amure, initiated a commercial company in his name, and the company prospered greatly at the beginning of the twentieth century. But his company was badly damaged in the Nikolaevsk Incident (March-May, 1920). All employees and their families living in the city died and most of the properties were lost. It was his good luck to be visiting Japan and he survived. After the incident, he tried to revive his company, and reopened his shop in the city, but after all, had to withdraw from the Russian Far East. At the same time, he stood at the front of the movement, which required compensation for the loss of Japanese citizens in the Nikolaevsk Incident from the government and received three sets of compensation.

The Library began to catalog the archives from the Shimada family in March 2006. There are some eight hundred items, both documents and photographs, mainly concerning the movement for compensation. The Library also engaged in digitization of the archives. This July, a preliminary catalog has been compiled and digitization completed. And now, the Shimada family has generously allowed the Library to make the archive open to the public, and deposit it at the SRC Library. We are very grateful to the Shimada family in this regard.

Renovation of the Building?

In recent years, Japanese national universities are rapidly undergoing renovation of their buildings mainly for seismic reinforcement to match new construction standards, amended in 1980. The situation is similar in Hokkaido University, and now the university administration has requested the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology to renovate our SRC building in the next fiscal year. If it is accepted, then we have to evacuate the building at least for several months in fiscal year 2008. During the renovation, the library will be open in another place of the same campus, but we cannot maintain access to all materials for our patrons, so please pay attention to our announcements in the future.

TONAI Yuzuru

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