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English News  No.15 , December 2007
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The 21st Century COE Project Enters the Last Months of the Five-year Program
SRC Winter Symposium in 2006 (Dec.)
SRC Summer Symposium in 2007
International Workshop on 22-23 February
Joint Conference with the Republic of Korea’s Institute of Foreign Affairs and National Security (IFANS )
Workshop on the Cold War in Northeast Asia
Foreign Visitors Fellowship Program
The 21st Century COE Fellowship Program
Dr. Naganawa Norihiro, Appointed to Associate Professor
Our Current Staff
Ongoing Cooperative Research Projects
Visitors from Abroad
Guest Lectures from Abroad
Publications (2006-07)
The Library
Website Access Statistics
Essays by Foreign Fellows
Marina Mongush

The 21st Century COE Foreign Visitors Fellowship Program

As part of the 21st Century COE Program "Making a Discipline of Slavic Eurasian Studies," the SRC introduced the Foreign Visitors Fellowship Program. This program invites specialists in Slavic Eurasian studies who have been engaged in the topics of the 21st Century Program. This program encourages fellows to contribute to the 21st Century Program in research activities and postgraduate education. The fifth and last round of the fellowship is finishing. We have invited four fellows in 2007-2008.

ARAI Nobuo

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