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English News  No.15 , December 2007
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Marina Mongush

International Workshop on 22-23 February

On 22-23 February 2007, an international workshop "Russia as a Regional Power: Its International Status and Elections in 2007-2008" was held at the SRC. Both established and young scholars from Russia, US, UK, Germany, and, of course, Japan participated in the workshop's lively discussions.

Facing the resurgence of Russia as a new pole of the world, the workshop aimed to reconsider Russian political and economic regimes, and its international relations, including neighbor "unrecognized" states. Many papers featured the clientelistic structure of Russian politics and economy, and the papers' quality and the discussions evoked responses from foreign scholars such as "excellent," "extraordinarily engaging," and "a tremendous learning experience." As Russia was on the eve of the parliamentary and presidential elections, the workshop was an ideal opportunity to look into the prospects for Russia after the elections.

OGUSHI Atsushi

Speakers at the Workshop

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