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English News  No.7 , December 1999
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Guest Lectures from Abroad

Zdenek Št'astný(Institute of Sociology, Slovakian Academy of Sciences): "The Main Directions in the Transformation of Economy and Agriculture in Slovakia," February 1, 1999.
Aziz Niyazi (Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences): "Problems of Democratization and Environmental Protection in Central Asia," March 16, 1999.
Petr Krauchanka (The Ambassador of the Republic of Belarus in Japan): "The past, present and future of the Republic of Belarus," April 23, 1999.
Ivan Bennet (Institute of Economics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences): "The EU Enlargement: Finnish Experiences and Hungarian Dilemmas," April 27, 1999.
Bruno Dallago (University of Trento, Italy): "Asset Specificity, Stability and Change of the Economic System: Transition in Central-Eastern Europe," April 28, 1999.
K. Fröhberg (University of Halle, Germany): "Impact of East Enlargement of the EU," May 26, 1999.
Tsuyoshi Hasegawa (University of California, USA): "American-Soviet Relations Over the Kuril Islands at the Closing Stages of World War II," June 17, 1999.
L. Son (Film director, Kazakhstan): The Korean in Central Asia after the Breakup of the Soviet Union," June 29, 1999.
H. Eitzen (Columbia University, USA): "Creating World-Pictures for a New Nation: The Kazakhstani Experience," July 21, 1999.
I. Il'chev (Sofia University, Bulgaria): "Bulgarian-Russian Relations in the First World War," July 28, 1999.
Geoffrey Jukes (Australian National University): "Russia's Medium Term Prospects as an Asia-Pacific Participant," September 27, 1999.
G. Széll (University of Osnabrük, Germany): "Europe with a Human Face," October 6, 1999.
Dmitrii Prigov (Artist, poet, performer, Russia): "The Front of Modern Russian Literature," October 18, 1999.
Gennadii Bordiugov (Moscow State University, Russia): "The Politics and Order of Extraordinary Steps in the History of Twentieth Century Russia," November 2, 1999.

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