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English News  No.7 , December 1999
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Awards for SRC Staff

Professor Tetsuo Mochizuki was awarded the Kimura Shoichi Prize in 1999 for his translation of V. Sorokin's "Roman." Professor Teruyuki Hara's book A Tale of Vladivostok: The City-Crossroad of Russia and Asia (Sanseido Publishers, 1998) won the eleventh Asia-Pacific Prize in 1999. The Academic Prize of the Japan Association of Agricultural Economics in 1998 was awarded to Professor Rihito Yamamura for his monograph Land Reforms in Russia, 1989-1996 (Taga Publishers, 1997). One of our "alumni," Professor Tsuyoshi Hasegawa, was awarded the fifteenth Ohira Masayoshi Prize for his two volume work The Northern Territories Dispute and Russo-Japanese Relations (University of California, Berkeley, 1997).

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