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English News  No.13 , February 2006
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50th Anniversary Ceremony of Slavic Research Center
A Momentous Year for the Slavic Research Center
SRC Winter Symposium in 2004 (Dec.)
SRC Summer Symposium in 2005
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The 21st Century COE Foreign Visitors Fellowship Program
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Visitors from Abroad
Publications (2004-05)
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Mikhail Dolbilov
Elza-Bair Guchinova
Matthew Lenoe

Publications (2004-05)

Alf Brodin, Russia and North East Asia - in Times of Globaliztion (Sapporo: SRC, 2005). (in English).

Slavic Studies, No. 52, 2005. Refereed Journal of the SRC. (in Japanese with Summaries in English and Russian)

Acta Slavica Iaponica, Volume XXII, 2005. Refereed Journal of the SRC. (in English and Russian)

Publications by the 21st COE "Making a Discipline of Slavic Eurasian Studies"

Stanislav Lakoba After the Two Imperial Governments of Abkhaziia from the 18th Century to the 19th Century [Абхазия после двух империй XIX-XXI вв.]; Slavic Eurasian Studies, No. 5 (Sapporo: SRC, 2005). (in Russian).

IWASHITA Akihiro, ed., Siberia and the Russian Far East in the 21st Century: Partners in the "Community of Asia": Crossroads in Northeast Asia, Slavic Eurasian Studies, No. 6-1 (Sapporo: SRC, 2005). (in English).

MOCHIZUKI Tetsuo, ed., Siberia and the Russian Far East in the 21st Century: Partners in the "Community of Asia" : Chekhov and Sakhalin, Slavic Eurasian Studies, No. 6-2 (Sapporo: SRC, 2005). (in English and Russian).

MATSUZATO Kimitaka, ed., Emerging Meso-Areas in the Former Socialist Countries: Histories Revived or Improvised?, Slavic Eurasian Studies, No. 7 (Sapporo: SRC, 2005). (in English).

HARA Teruyuki, ed., Asia in Russia / Russia in Asia (II) , Occasional Papers, No. 5 (Sapporo: SRC, 2005). (in Japanese).

IWASHITA Akihiro and Dmitrii Krivtsov, eds., Aspect outside the Frame of Old Problems: Experience of Border Cooperation between Russia and China [Взгляд вне рамок старых проблем: опыт российско-китайского пограничного сотрудничества] , Occasional Papers, No. 6 (Sapporo: SRC, 2005). (in Russian).

IEDA Osamu, ed., Where are Slavic Eurasian Studies Headed in the 21st Century?, Occasional Papers, No. 7 (Sapporo: SRC, 2005). (in nglish).

IWASHITA Akihiro, ed., Current Studies on Eurasian Border Politics: Russia, China, and Central Asia , Occasional Papers, No. 8 (Sapporo: SRC, 2005). (in Japanese).

MOCHIZUKI Tetsuo, ed., The Frontier of Contemporary Literary Studies , Occasional Papers, No. 9 (Sapporo: SRC, 2005). (in Japanese and Russian).

KOSHINO Go and MOCHIZUKI Tetsuo, eds., Rethinking 19th Century Russian Literature in Our Century, Occasional Papers, No. 10 (Sapporo: SRC, 2005). (in Japanese).

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