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English News  No.13 , February 2006
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Guest Lectures from Abroad

Michael Byram (University of Durham, UK) “Language Learners as Ethnographers and Teachers as Educators”“The Council of Europe and Language Education Policy,” November 18, 2004.

Ol’ga Baranova (Briansk University, Russia) “Right and Political Reality Concerning Relations between Russia and Ukraine from the Late 17th to the Early 18th Centuries,” February 1, 2005.

Victor Larin and Liliia Larina (Institute of History, Archaeology, and Ethnography of Far Eastern Nations, Russia); YIN Jianping (Institute of Siberia, Heilongjiang Academy of Social Sciences, China) “Roundtable: Beyond Border and Migration Disputes: A New Era of Sino-Russian Regional Cooperation?” February 28, 2005.

HAN Byungjin (Seoul National University, Korea) “The Dynamics of State Power and Economic Reform in Russia,” May 16, 2005.

LEE Sangjoon (Kookmin University, Korea) “Market Reforms in Russia and Formation of the Labor Market,” May 16, 2005.

KIM Youngok (Ajou University, Korea) “Study on Russian Jury System,” May 16, 2005.

BAE Junghan (Seoul National University) “Underdeveloped Civil Society in Russia: Origin, Development and Differentiation of Independent Social Organizations in the Transforming Russia,” May 16, 2005.

CHANG Duckjoon (Kookmin University) “Federalism at Bay: Putin’s Political Reforms and Federal-Regional Relations in Russia,” May 16, 2005.

KANG Yoonhee (Kookmin University), CHOI Wooik (Seoul National University), HWANG Dongha (Seoul National University), CHOI Jaedong (Keio University) “Roundtable,” May 16, 2005.

Dominique Colas (Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris, France) “‘Civil Society’ in Communist and Post-Communist Europe,” May 19, 2005.

A. Toropov (Russian State Historical Archive of Far East, Russia) “The Russian State Historical Archive in Far East and Its Part in Regional Historical Researches,” July 6, 2005.

N. Troitskaia (Russian State Historical Archive of Far East, Russia) “Japan and Japanese in Documents of RGIA DV,” July 6, 2005.

ZHANG Zonghai (Institute of History, Heilongjiang Academy of Social Sciences, Harbin, China) “Chinese Migration Issue in the Russian Far East: History and Reality,” July 6, 2005.

Dmitrii Furman (Institute of Europe, Russia) “The Post-Soviet Political Systems,” July 16, 2005.

Anna Khoroshkevich (Institute for Slavic Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences) “Post-Soviet Belarussian Historiography (1991-2004): On the Development of Belarus in the 16th Century,” September 20, 2005.

Murat Auezov (National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan) “Introduction into Intellectual History of Central Asia,” October 5, 2005.

Alexander Lukin (Moscow State Institute of International Relations, Russia) and Valery Denisov (Russian Ambassador to the DPRK, Russia) “Russian Foreign Policy and East Asia,” November 21, 2005.

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