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English News  No.13 , February 2006
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The 21st Century COE Foreign Visitors Fellowship Program

As part of the 21st Century COE Program “Making a Discipline of Slavic Eurasian Studies,” the SRC introduced a new fellowship program.  This program invites the specialists of Slavic Eurasian studies who have been engaged in the topics of the 21st Century Program (see and hope to stay at the SRC for from one to three months.  This program encourages the fellows to make a concrete contribution to the 21st Century Program in research activities and postgraduate education. 

The third round of the fellowship is finishing. We have invited six fellows in late 2004-2005:

Golunov, Sergei Valerievich
Place of Work: Volgograd State University, Russia
Speciality: Drug-trafficking as a Challenge for Border Security of Russia and Central Asian Studies
Term of Stay: July-August 2005

Gorizontov, Leonid Efremovich
Place of Work: The Institute of Slavic Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences
Speciality: Mental Mapping of the Imperial Space (The Case of European Russia)
Term of Stay: December 2004 - February 2005

DeGraaf, Tjeerd
Place of Work: Frisian Academy, Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences
Speciality: Study of the History and Present-day Position of Minorities in the Border Areas of Japan and Russia
Term of Stay: September-October 2005

Khanin, Girsh Icikovich
Place of Work: Siberian Academy of Public Administration, Russia
Speciality: Alternative Assessments of Russia’s Post-Soviet Economy; Further Development of Russian Economy
Term of Stay: August-October 2005

Meylacq, Michael
Place of Work: Strasbourg University, France
Speciality: Research on the Cultural Impact of the Russian Emigration in Different Countries
Term of Stay: July-September 2005

Sanikidze, George
Place of Work: Institute of Oriental Studies, Georgian Academy of Sciences
Speciality: Problems Concerning Islam and Processes of Globalization in Caucasus
Term of Stay: July-September 2005

ARAI Nobuo

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