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Kyokai Kenkyu (lit. "Border Studies" - a Japanese-language peer-reviewed journal) and Eurasia Border Review (an English-language peer-reviewed journal) are academic publications aimed at integrating studies on Japan and other parts of Eurasia. There are also several outstanding international journals on border studies in Europe and North America. Although journals covering border related studies are published in Russia, India and China, they are confined to individual cases in one country or region, and lack the dynamism of a pan-regional approach. Japan's border issues with neighboring countries have recently attracted increasing interest but no research sections or organizations for border issues have been established. In the globalized international community, there is an increasing recognition of the need to reconsider and review the meaning of borders. Work performed to address this reality is of great significance and our journals respond to the challenge for the publication of comprehensive academic analysis covering border events in Asia and the former Soviet Union.

Kyokai Kenkyu (a Japanese-language peer-reviewed journal)

Eurasia Border Review
(an English-language peer-reviewed journal)

Other Publications

Web Reports (Only in Japanese)

JIBSN Report ・No. 14: JIBSN 5th Anniversary Symposium
・No. 13: Borders (Kuni-zakai), Borderlands and Tourism
・No. 12: Borderlands Gateway to Asia: Thinking from Tourism in the Northern Kyushu
・No. 11: JIBSN Nemuro Seminar in 2015
・No. 10: JIBSN Taketomi Seminar in 2014
・No. 9: Creating Japan's First Border Tourism: Challenges of Wakkanai, Hokkaido
・No. 8: Creating Japan's First Border Tourism: Challenges of Tsushima
・No. 7: Borderlands: Gathering Threads of Local Voices
・No. 6: JIBSN Goto Seminar
・No. 5: Symposium to Celebrate the First Anniversary of JIBSN - Japan's Borders: Issues and Opportunities
・No. 4: BRIT XII - Japan Special
・No. 3: JIBSN Sakhalin Retreat 2012
・No. 2: JIBSN Wakkanai Seminar 2012
・Inaugural Issue: JIBSN Ogasawara Retreat 2012
Current Events in Border Studies
-Live in Border Studies-
・No. 13: Border Studies Seminar 2012
・No. 12: Thinking Okinawa from Border Perspective - Futenma, Senkaku and Osprey
・No. 11: Border Forum in Oki
・No. 10: Border Studies Seminar 2011
・No. 9: Special Project to Commemorate the Establishment of JIBSN: Northern Territories Issue - Perspectives
・No. 8: Border Forum - Considering Japan's Borders in Amami/Tokunoshima
・No. 7: Weaving Borders - From Yonaguni to Taiwan
・No. 6: Former Baseball Manager Trey Hillman's Experience of Sport transcending borders
・No. 5: Toward the Establishment of the Japan International Border Studies Network
・No. 4: Border Studies Seminar 2010
・Extra Edition: Preliminary Report on the Border Forum in Tsushima
・No. 3: Border Studies Seminar 2009
・No. 2: Considering Borders in Okinawa
・No. 1: Special Issue: Nemuro Retreat 2009