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No.18, February 2011
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The Library

Renovation of the University Library is Underway

In 2010, renovation work of the University Library began, and this will affect its users. From last September, most of the special collections were moved and became unavailable. So we cannot use the G. Vernadsky Collection, J. Gibson Collection, Russian Émigré Literature Collection, L. Bernstein Collection, etc. until the summer of 2012. Microform materials have been moved to other places and most of them are accessible, but reservation is necessary.

In the fall of this 2011, renovation work will proceed to the stack rooms, in which our Slavic Collection, dissertation works, and other materials acquired by the center are housed, so all these materials will have to be temporarily moved.

We are now trying to find a location for them independently so as to make them available to our patrons and limit the effects of the renovation, but it is not an easy task.

When the renovation has finished in 2012, library arrangements will be quite different. We will tell you about it in the next issue.

TONAI Yuzuru