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No.18, February 2011
Remarks from the Director of the SRC
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Symposium Speakers (July 7–9, 2010)

Senno Takumasa (Waseda University, Japan) “Where Are We Going Now?: Cultural Change Observed in Common Phenomena in East Asian City Culture, and the Start and the End of Modern Culture”

Lei Qili (East China Normal University, China) “The Culture Politics of Micro-Media Era and Post-80’s Generation”

Gu Zheng (Fudan University, China) “From Subculture to Contemporary Art: Cao Fei as a Case”

S. V. Srinivas (Centre for the Study of Culture and Society, India) “Representing Asia: Indian Cinema from Bruce Lee to Chandni Chowk to China”

Irina Melnikova (Doshisha University, Japan) “The Images of Native People of Siberia and the Far East in Russian Film”

Zhang Yingjin (University of California, USA) “Contested Images of China, Japan and Russia: Landscape and Language in Purple Sunset (2001)”

Anna Florkovskaya (V. Surikov Moscow State Academy Art Institute,Russian Academy of Arts) “The Spirit of the Orient in Art of Nonconformist Artists: 1960s–1980s”

Ying Xiong (Hokkaido University, Japan)  “Becoming of ‘Asia’: Propaganda/Seduction and Narrative/Dancing in the Adaptations of a Popular Chinese Tale, The White-Haired Girl (Baimao Nü)”

Tomizawa (Kitazawa) Kana (University of Tokyo, Japan) “Sympathy and Prejudice: Late 18th Century British ‘Orientalists’ and Their Ambiguous Attitudes towards India”

Inoue Takako (Daito Bunka University, Japan) “The Reception of Western Music in South India around 1800”

Bennett Zon (Durham University, UK) “Representing Non-Western (Asian) Music in Nineteenth-Century Britain”

Umetsu Norio (Kogakuin University, Japan) “Oriental Elements in Russian Music and the Reception in Western Europe: Nationalism, Orientalism and Russianness”

Liudmila Zhukova (Russian State University for the Humanities, Russia) “Religion and Ideology in Modern Russia”

Erik Schicketanz (University of Tokyo, Japan) “Chinese Buddhism as Seen by Meiji and Taisho Period Japanese Buddhist Travelers and Scholars”

Sumika Masayoshi (SRC) “Travelers of One Hundred Years Ago: Social Darwinist Viewpoint of Liang Qichao and Nitobe Inazo”

Lisa Ryoko Wakamiya (Florida State University, USA) “Russian-American Writing in Transnational Perspective”

Komats u Hisae (SRC) “Speaking about Desi: The Sense of Belonging in Contemporary British-Asian Writers”

Sugiyama Naoko (Japan Women’s University, Japan) “Usable Past, Unspeakable Secret: Maxine Hong Kingston’s Use of Woman Warrior Characters”

Elza-Bair Guchinova (Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology, Russian Academy of Science, Russia) “Post- Soviet Elista: A Corner of the Orient in the Occident”

Tsypylma Darieva (University of Tsukuba, Japan) “Making a Place? The Spirit of Baku Promenade between Europe and Asia”

Mark Bassin (Sodertorn University, Sweden) “Geographical Uncertainties: Four Theses on Russia, Europe and Asia”