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No.18, February 2011
Remarks from the Director of the SRC
Grant-in-aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas "Comparative Research on Major Regional Powers in Eurasia" Got an "A" in the Interim Evaluation
2010 SRC Summer Symposium
Symposium Speakers (July 7–9, 2010)
Global COE Program “Reshaping Japan’s Border Studies”
Speakers of the Symposium (Dec. 3–4, 2010)
Foreign Visitors Fellowship Program
Our Current Staff
Ongoing Cooperative Research Projects
Visitors from Abroad
Guest Lectures from Abroad
Publications (2009-10)
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Essays by Foreign Fellows
Feng Yujun
Alexander Morrison

Our Current Staff

Research Staff:

  • ARAI Nobuo: Professor, Russian Far East; Russo-Japanese Relations

  • HAYASHI Tadayuki: Professor, International Relations; East European Politics; Political History of Czechoslovakia

  • IEDA Osamu:Professor, Economic History of Eastern Europe; Modern Hungarian History

  • IWASHITA Akihiro: Professor, Russian Foreign Policy and Sino-Russian Relations

  • MATSUZATO Kimitaka: Professor, Politics and History of Russia and Ukraine

  • MOCHIZUKI Tetsuo: Professor, Russian Literature; director of the SRC

  • NAGANAWA Norihiro: Associate professor, Modern History of Central Eurasia; Muslim Policies of the Russian Empire

  • NOMACHI Motoki: Associate professor, Slavic Linguistics; General Linguistics

  • TABATA Shinichiro: Professor, Russian Economics and Statistics

  • UYAMA Tomohiko: Professor, History and Central Asian Politics

  • WOLFF David: Professor, Russian, Soviet, and Emigre History; Siberia and the Far East; The Cold War; Northeast Asian Region Construction

  • YAMAMURA Rihito: Professor, Comparative Economics; Russian Industry and Agriculture

  • Library and Information Services Staff:

  • TONAI Yuzuru: Associate Professor, SRC Head Librarian

  • OSUGA Mika: Research Associate, Publications

  • YAMASHITA Sachiko: Research Associate, Information
  • Assistant Professor:

  • KOSHINO Go: Nineteenth-century Russian Literature; Belorussian Literature

  • CHI Hyunjoo Naomi: Korean Politics
  • Research Fellows:

  • ADACHI Daisuke: Russian Romantic Literature

  • FUKUDA Hiroshi: Modern and Contemporary History of Central Europe

  • FUJIMORI Shinkichi: Ukrainian Politics; CIS Relations

  • GOTO Masanori: Cultural Anthropology

  • HIRAYAMA Akihiro: Modern and Contemporary History of Vietnam

  • HOSHINO Masashi: Chinese Economy, Development Economies

  • INOUE Satoko: German-Polish Trans-border Literature

  • ITANI Hiroshi: Architectural History of Sakhalin and Karafuto

  • KIKUTA Haruka: Cultural Anthropology; Muslim Society in Central Asia; Saint Worship in Uzbekistan

  • KOMATSU Hisae: Hindi Literature; Indian Cultural Studies

  • LIU Xu: Russian Energy Policy

  • MIYAMOTO Mari: Contemporary Bhutan Studies

  • MIYAZAKI Haruka: Polish Nationalism and the Catholic Church

  • REN Zhen: Chinese Politics

  • SATO Keiji: International Relations; Ethnic Issues in Moldova and the Baltic Countries

  • SUMIKA Masayoshi: Religious Sociology; Chinese Sociocultural Studies

  • TAKIGUCHI Junya: History of the Communist Party of the USSR